Attached and Supporting Units [ARTILLERYMEN, Arty F.O.'s & their RECON SGTS & RTO's / USAF / etc.]

Also CHECK COMPANY ROSTERS for Artillery FO's (and their radiomen).

B Battery, 1st Battalion 8th Field Artillery "Automatic Eighth"

1/8th ARTY

Allen, Bert 
Beach, 1LT Martin - BN LNO & Forward Observer with A and C Co.
Brooks, CPL Herbert  - 1969. Bronze Star awarded.
Butcher, PFC Eugene D. - Bronze Star awarded.
Dahlinger, CPL Dennis - 1969. Bronze Star awarded.
Gibbs, Charles - 1969. Btry B (FSB Pershing).
Grigsby, PFC Lester - 1969. Arty RTO for Alpha company.
Horn, CPL William - 1969. Bronze Star awarded.
Jachowski, 1LT Timothy "Tim" - Co. A Arty FO & BN Arty Liaison Officer.
Nothstein, CPL Bruce ~ 1969. Bronze Star awarded.


Anders, SP4 Steve - Mar70 to Dec70. Battery A 7/11th ARTY. "Redleg" artilleryman. WIA at Pine Ridge 26Apr70 during the Sapper Attack. [When the 25th DIV "stood down" Steve went to the 1st Air Cav.]


Cloughly, Bill - Jan68-69. Arty FO for Co. D.
Coriaty, Pfc. Marty - 1968. Radioman.
VanNorton, SP4 Robert - 1968. Radioman.

25th TAC (Tactical Air Control Party)

Capt. Charles R. McGregor - 1968 2nd BDE FAC

19th Tactical Air Support Squadron (19th TASS) "Issue"

Royal Australian Air Force Forward Air Controllers (RAAF FAC's):
Flight Lieutenant Dick Gregory "Issue 25" NOV69-JUN70
Flt. LT Ray Butler NOV69-AUG70
Flt. LT Chris Hudnott "Issue 27" AUG70-APR71
Flying Officer Ken Semmler "Issue 28" FEB70-OCT70
Mike Stirling 68-69 [Cu Chi/Dau Tieng]


Chaney, James - 1970. Dog handler who worked with 2/12th at FSB Kien (and Pine Ridge). On day Co. C Volk KIA. Day after Co. A Sapper Attack on Razor Back.

Whetstone, SP4 Oliver " Ollie " Dec66 - Dec67, Dog handler with 44th ISPD (Dau Tieng) worked with HHC RECON and all companies. His partner dog and buddie was "Eric". Took part in Soui Tre at LZ Gold. From Kenosa, WI.
SOLDIERS [May include Officers and Medics names of those attached to companies.]

Alexander, SP4 Donald -

Albretsen, SGT Marthon - 1968 Commo Plt

Allen, Command Sergeant Major Richard "Top" - 1970-71. Senior NCO of battalion (on 13Mar71 under LTC Salucci. The last sergeant major of the 2/12th Inf. in Viet-Nam.

Allen, SGT Tyrone J. - 1968 HHC. Awarded Bronze Star for Merit.

Aparita, Pfc. Robert - 1967. HHC RECON machine gunner from Long Beach, California.

Ashley, SSG Donnie "Doc" - 1969 HHC Medical Section, Cu Chi. [from Co. A]

Ault, Robert - Oct67 to 1968. HHC HQ RTO for Bn S-2 Oct67, then Bn photographer when WIA in May 1968. At CP at Battle of Loc Ninh - which was his first firefight.

Bartolotti, Sgt Tony - Oct66-Sep67. HHC 4.2" mortar platoon FO Bravo Co.

Bell, Sgt - early 1970. Most likely Bn Command Sergeant Major. Worked for Phillips.

Bell, Sgt Benson R. - Oct66-Dec67. HHC 4.2" mortar platoon. Squad leader - Awarded Army Commendation Medal (Merit).1st original 4.2 member in Nam and last to leave.

Benner, Bill - Oct66-Oct67. HHC 4.2" mortar platoon - RTO and gun squad

Bennett, Sr., SP4 George J. - Oct67-Oct68. HHC Commo - Native Alaskan Indian from Sitka, Alaska,  Awarded BS

Bennett, Reid D - 9/66-9/67. HHC Radar

Bernard, SP4 Louis - 1967-68

Billau, David - 4/67-5/68 HHC Radar Plt. Later served with 4/9th from Reno, Nv.

Birk, SGT Robert - 1967. HHC. Awarded Army Commendation Medal (Merit).

Brown, SP4 James R. - 1967. HHC.

Buckley, SP5 Daniel J. - 1969. HHC.

Butler, SGT John - HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt - FDC, from Des Moines, IA

Butts, PFC Dennis - Oct66-Jul67  HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt [Note: Dennis changed his last name to McQuade after the war.] from Madison, WI

Bygness, SP4 Roger - Oct67-Oct67 - HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt - Gun Squad

Carrillo, SGT 1st Class - 1970 Medical Platoon Sergeant [The "First Sergeant" or "Top."]

Cardullo, SP5 George - 1966-67. HHC Communications Section "Commo Chief."

Cebrosky, Baron - HQ Recon anti-tank section leader.

Chalk, Phillip E. - 1968. HHC. Wounded 18Aug68.

Clayman, SP4 Alan - 1969. HHC, Trang Bang liaison team.

Clayton, PFC Noah - 1968. Bn. Motor Pool clerk from Anderson, AL.

Clifton, SP4 John - Sep66 to Aug67. HHC RECON.

Coale, Michael - 7/67-1/68 HHC Recon

Coleman, Jerry "Short Round" - 13SEP67-9DEC68

Collier, PFC Louis - 1967. HHC. Awarded Army Commendation Medal (valor).

Conway, Pat - JUL 69-'70. C Co. & HHC - Commo (radio), later worked convoy, from Minnesota

Corona, John - 1965-66

Couchman, Keith R. - OCT66-AUG67. HHC company clerk from Ft. Lewis to Dau Tieng - March 1966 to DEROS.

Cozzi, Tom - HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt from Bronx, NY

Cradic, SP4 James E. - 1967. Awarded Bronze Star (Valor).

Cunningham, PFC Richard Ira - 22Feb69 to 27Apr69. Battery B, 1/8th Artillery RTO killed in action 27Apr69 at the age of 20. Private Cunningham's MOS was 13A10 (Field Artillery Basic) and he was serving as Lt. Johnson's RTO. He was from Omaha, Nebraska.

Dale, SP5 James A. - 1969

Dearo, SP4 Matias S - 1968 Commo Plt

DeBiasio, SP5 Tony - 2/12th's reporter for Tropic Lightning News in late '69.

Deresta, SP4 Joseph A. - 1969. Awarded Bronze Star (Valor).

Donahue, Russell J - 1968 Commo Plt

Douglas, Marty T - HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt - RTO and Gun Squad from Dexter, IA

Dunklee, SP4 Dennis - 1967. HHC. From Elroy, Wisc.

Dunsmore, SP5 Kenny - 1967. HHC.

Dupuy, SP4 Louis - 1969 HHC. Awarded Bronze Star (Valor).

Durland, SP5 Craig S. - 1967. HHC. Awaded Army Commendation Medal for merit.

Eising, SP4 Ken - Sep66 to Aug67. HQ Recon 'scout." [Also see Co. A.]

Eldridge, PFC R. Jack - 1966-67. LTC Joe Elliot's RTO at Dau Tieng. Original member of Co. A, 1st platoon. From Indiana, was drafted and trained at Fort Lewis and 10 weeks at Fort Ord. Then deployed to Vietnam. Was transferred to the 4/9th Inf (Manchus) after the battle of Suoi Tre.

Ellis, Oliver D. "Bro Blind"

Erickson, Roger -  HHC Commo Radio Operator 68-69, from Butternut, Wi.

Estep, SGT Paul A. - 1969. Had a son born on April 1, 1969 while he served in Vietnam.

Eyer, SGT Delbert - HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt Squad Leader Gun Crew from Catawaba, VA

Fernlund, SP4 Joel R - 66-67 HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt Gun Squad from St Paul, MN

Flint, SP5 Russell N. "Doc" - 1967 HHC medic.

Foreman, SP4 Charles - 1968 Commo Plt

Foy, SP5 Douglas - '67. Awarded Army Commendation Medal for Merit.

Franc, SP5 Stephan - 1967-68 HHC. Awarded Bronze Star for Valor.

Gallardo, Robert SP4 - 67-68 HHC Commo & F.O. Awarded BS & ARCOM, from Santa Ana, Ca. Served two tours.Promoted to E-5 SGT during second tour.

Gersy, SP5 John - HHC Radio 4/70-4/71

Gold, SP4 Robert Joseph "Bob" - 22SEP66 to 26FEB67. HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt - KIA with Co. B on February 26, 1967 in Tay Ninh Province (Dau Tieng AO) while serving as the 4.2" mortar forward observer (4.2" FO). He was 20. Specialist Gold was a mortar man (11C40) from Sidney, Ohio and married. He had previously served with Co.A before going to HHC.

Gongaware, SP4 Walter J - 66-67 HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt - RTO from Jennette, PA

Goodson, SGT Larry - 2nd Plt rifleman, then machine gunner with C Co. Later 2/12th's reporter for Tropic Lightning News late '69.

Graves, SP5 Wayne - 1968. Awarded Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM).

Greenwood, Jr., PFC Lewis - MAR70-APR71. WIA Dec70 at Xuan Loc.

Guljour, SP4 Bobby A. - 1967. HHC. From Larosa, La.

Haddox, Harry Ronald - Jan1970-Mar71. HHC, Motor Pool.

Haduck, CPT Spencer - 1967. HHC Adjutant.

Hamilton, E. Cramer. - Aug68-Oct69 HHC Commo. RTO and repairman at FSB Pershing; from Louisana

Hampton, SSG Joe L. - HHC Medical Section

Harvey, Danny - 1967. HHC 4.2 Mortar platoon FO. Worked with Co.'s A, C & HHC. RTO from Dundee, FL

Haughey, SP4 Charlie - Mar68 to May69. HHC. Bn photographer for Tropic Lightning News. [Also see Co. A roster.]

Hearn, Wayne - Dec68 to 1970, HHC cook, then spent last four months incountry as PX manager - first at Dau Tieng, and then sent to Tay Ninh PX (to close it down). [Served with Delta Aug-Dec 68.]

Hermanowicz, SP4 John Joseph - 22Sep66 to 7May67. HQ Recon, KIA 7May67 (Province unknown) at the age of 21. MOS: 11H10 Infantry Direct Fire Crewman (recoilless rifle). Specialist Hermanowicz was from Chicago, Illinois.

Hess, Jeff - Nov67-Nov68 - HHC 4.2 mortar section at Dau Tieng. [Plus seven months in country as 25th Div MP in 1969.] from Ocala, FL

Hettermann, PFC Joe - 1967-68. HHC.

Hicks, SGT Alfred "Trip" -  1/68-12/68 - HHC 4.2 Mortar 1st Plt RTO then F.O.; from Colorado

Higgins, SP4 Charles - Apr67 to Dec67. HHC field wireman and (sometimes) RTO. [From 9th Div before came to 2/12th.]

Hinkle, SGT Jerry R - HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt - Squad Leader Gun Crew " Chief Barber " from Glenford, OH

Hinman, SP4 Jeff - 2/12th's reporter for Tropic Lightning News in late '69.

Holloman, SP4 Miles E. - Jul69 to Sep70 [extended]. Bn. TOC RTO Jan70 to Sep70. [Co. C Jul69 to Jan70.]

Huizinga, SP4 Johannes 1967-68

Irish, SGT Wm. K. "Bill" "Skeeter" - Oct66 to Sep67. HHC, 4.2" mortar platoon.
[Reported (drafted) 12/15/65 to Ft. Ord; then to Ft. Lewis for basic with Co. C, AIT, and 7th Army NCO Academy. Shipped over on Walker.] from Albany, OR

Jackson, Spc4 Lawrence - 1970 RTO

Jackson R.A. HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt

Johnson, PFC Douglas L - 1968 Commo Plt

Jones, Charles R. "Curly" - HHC 9MAY67 to 27NOV67 [formerly with 9th Div at Bearcat 25Nov-9May67]. HHC 2/12th Supply. Drove 'Duce-and-a-half' then jeep for Lt. Jones. Also RTO.

Kacalek, SGT Edward M. - 1968. HHC driver. [From Co. B.]

Kallansrude, Mike - HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt Gun Squad from Oak Forest, IL

Kendall JR., PFC Paul E - 1966-67. HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt RTO Gun Squad

Knisely, SP4 Carol - 1966-67. HQ Recon (Lt. Bradbury's plat.) recoilless rifleman.

Lachenmier, Spc4 Allen - 1970. HHC.

Ladwig, Larry HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt

Lamothe, PSG George F. - HHC '67. Awarded Bronze Star(Merit). Awarded Bronze Star medal for Valor for treating wounded (along with Doc Gray) during a mortar attack on Dau Tieng. [Sergeant Lamothe's assignment is unknown, but judging by his rank, he may be the Medical Sections senior medic. - Ed.]

Lancaster, Palmer " Pusher" David - HHC attached to B Co - 1969?

Lasister, SP5 Wade E. - 1968. Headquarters "Commo Shop." [Medic]

Lateef, SP5 Rasheed - 1968 Commo Plt

Laughton, SP5 Paul - 1969. HHC motor pool. "Spec Five" Laughton was from Brainer, Minn.

Layton, SFC Edward N - 1968 Commo Plt

Leibhart, SSG Anthony - 1967. HHC. Awarded Bronze Star (Valor).

Leyfert, SGT Brian - `967. HQ Recon scout.

Lewczak, SP4 John - 1968 - Commo Plt

Lienhauser, Lou - 1970 to Apr71. HHC Recon. [Went on to serve with 128th AHC.]

Livegin, MSG - 1969. HHC.

Madrid, Thomas - 1967-68. Chaplains Asst.

Mahoney, SP4 Patrick - 1969.

Manakea, SGT First Class - 1970. Battalion Supply Sergeant in S-4. [replaced SFC Williams]

Manning, SGT 1st Class Robert F. - 1969 Medical Platoon Sergeant [The "First Sergeant."]

Marquardt, SGT Danny - 1969. From Co. B to Trang Bang liaison team til mid Nov69, then to HHC TOC. Deros'd Dec69.

Marshall, SP6 Gerald L. - 1968. Awarded Bronze Star (Valor).

Matteson, SGT Thomas HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt FDC from Bailey Island, ME

Maus, Terry - Oct66-Aug67. HHC 2/12th (Dau Tieng).

Maxfield, SGT Major Wallace R. - 1967.

Medina, SSG Victor E. - 1968. HHC. Awarded Silver Star.

Merritt, SP4 Lamar - 1969. HHC motor pool. Speciaist Merritt was from Atlanta, Georgia.

Mc Coy, SP4 John William - 15Jul66 to 7May67. HHC KIA 7May67 (Province unknown) at the age of 21. MOS: 11H10 Infantry Direct Fire Crewman (recoilless rifle). Specialist McCoy was from Milford, Ohio.

McEwen, SGT John "Mac" H. - 2/68-2/69. 1st Plt HHC Commo, RTO from Aurora, NY. Awarded BS/V w/OLC, ARCOM/V

McQuade,SP4 Dennis - 66-67 HHC 4.2 Mortar

Minadeo, SP4 Richard J. - 1967. HHC. Awarded Bronze Star (Merit).

Milner, Melvin M HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt from Temecula, CA

Misaki, Rich - HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt - RTO Gun Squad from Tracy, CA

Molano, PFC Joe G - HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt - Gun Squad

Moore, SGM - 1969-70. Battalion Sergeant Major under LTC Mann. [from Co. C]

Moore, SP4 Timothy A. - 1966-67

Morris, SGT David R - HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt Squad Leader - NCO Club from Fresno, CA

Morrison, SP4 Sherman M - 1968 - Commo Plt

Mosgrove,Jr., SSG James Maurice - 22 September 1966 to 19 May 1967. HQ Recon scout, KIA May 19, 1967 in Binh Duong Province (Dau Tieng AO). He was 25. Sergeant Mosgrove was an infantryman (11B40) with Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC). Awarded Bronze Star Medal for merit. He was from Baltimore, MD and had been in the Army six years.

Mosley, Ron - May68 to Oct68. HHC.

Muffett, SP4 Winfield - 1969. HHC.

Mullins, SGM (Sergeant Major) - 1967. 2/12th Infantry, Battalion Sergeant Major.

Musulin, Plt. SGT Richard Eli - 1968 [HHC assignment unknown]

Neal, SP4 Brian L. - 1967. HHC Recon platoon (Lt. Bradbury) RTO. Awarded Bronze Star for Valor.

Neff, SSG Gary L. - 1968. Battalion Motor Pool section. Section NCOIC. From Tacoma, Wash.

Olds, SP5 Brant - 1967. HHC.

Orr, SP4 Daryl V. - 1969. Awarded Bronze Star Medal for valor.

Osborn, Larry D. - 1967. Recon C.R.I.P./PRU. From North Platte, Nebraska.

Pace, Jim - 1971?. HHC Reon at Husky.

Pacheco, SP4 John - HHC - Clerk for BN Cmdr - 10/66-5/67 - Awarded Bronze Star

Pacheco, Rod - 1968. HHC.

Parsons, SP4 Dan - 1970. HHC RTO. [Also Co. C RTO.]

Payne, SP4 Wayne C. - 1967. Bronze Star (Valor) awarded.

Peacock, SGT Bill - 1967. HHC. From Alice, Oregon.

Peieffer, PFC Phillip L. - 1969

Pella, SSG Leroy - 1968. HHC. Awarded Bronze Star (Valor).

Phillips, PFC John Robert - 11NOV67 to 23DEC67. HHC KIA (Died of Wounds) December 23, 1967 in Binh Duong Province (Loc Ninh AO) at the age of 20. John was an infantryman from Bowen, Illinois.

Pieper, SP4 Edmund "Bud" - 1/68-1/69 - HHC F.O. For 4.2" Mortar and RTO (assigned to C Co.), from St. Louis, MO. Awarded BS

Powell, SP4 James - 1969. HHC motor pool. Specialist Powell was from Kent, Ohio.

Qualls, MSG Robert S. - (late)69. HHC, Intelligence Section.

Ranshaw, SP4 Douglas Le Roy "Butch" - 12JUN68 to 10JAN69. HHC KIA January 10, 1969 in Hua Nghia Province (vehicle crash). He was 18. Douglas was a Radio Operator (MOS: 05B20) from Evart, Mich.

Ransom, SP4 Delbert - Oct66-67. HHC 4.2 Mortar platoon RTO and Gun Squad from Semora, NC

Reed, SP4 Don "Duke" - 1967. HQ Recon scout.

Reinert, SP4 Ken - Oct66-67  HHC 4.2" Mortar Plt FO. From Lamar, MO

Renker, PFC Howard

Roberts, SGT Terry F - HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt FDC from Berkeley, CA

Rhodes, SP4 Howard - 1968. Bn. Motor Pool mechanic. From Smithfield, NC.

Rojas, Pete - 1966. HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt from Walnut, CA

Rose, SP4 George W. - HHC '67. Awarded Silver Star for heroism.

Rowe, Richard "Dick" - Sep66-Sep67. HHC 4.2" Mortar FO for Co. C. Awarded Bronze Star for Valor. From Mottawa, WA

Ruedi, Paul - HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt Gun Squad from Pleasanton, CA

"Sam" - 1967. HHC, commo platoon, mascot dog.

Saccone, SP4 Joseph - 10/69-4/71. HHC Recon - 1st Plt and resupply, from New York

Santos, SSG William - 1969. 2/12th HHC motor pool. Staff Sergeant Santos was from Puerto Rico.

Saylor, Sherman - HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt RTO from Sidney,Ohio

Sawicki, SGT Frank - 1969-70. CRIP for about 90 days. Stayed at Old French Fort in Trang Bang. [Also see Co. E roster]

Schaub, SGT Charles "Charley" - 1970 from Muskegon, MI

Schmidt, SP4 Jack R. '70 era. Awarded Bronze Star Medal (Valor).

Schodroff, Robert "Bob" -1966-67. HHC 4.2" mortar platoon FO attached to Bravo. From Orete, IL

Seedorf, John HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt FO attached to Bravo Co from Lawson, MO

Scott, SP4 John - 66/67- HHC Recon. Also served as door gunner, 175th Aviation at Ving Long, from Madison, WI. Awarded Air Medal while a door gunner.

Scott, SGT Henry R. - 1967. HHC. Awarded the Bronze Star Medal (Merit)

Sebastian, PFC Louis Joseph - 6SEP67 to 4NOV67. KIA November 4, 1967 in Binh Long Province (Loc Ninh AO). He was 25. Private Sebastian was an infantryman (11B10) from
New York, New York.

Smith, SP4 Larry Howard - HHC RECON Plt under LT Bill Bradbury, M60 Gunner - 9/66-5/67 from Burnsville, Minn. - Later served as door gunner with 175th Outlaws

Smith, Louis B. - 1966-67. HHC.4.2 Mortar Plt Gun Squad from Coosville, MO

Smith, Michael B. "Smitty" - JUL67 to NOV67. HHC 4.2" mortar FO RTO. From Little Rock, AR

Smith, SGT Stewart - 1967. HHC, RECON platoon. From Norfolk, Virginia.

Smith, 1SG Willie - 1971. Headquarters Company First Sergeant at the time the battalion stood down in March 1971.

Snyder, SP4 Gene - 1969. 2/12th HHC motor pool. From Adah, PA.

Soldi, SP4 Max A. - 1969. HHC. Awarded the Army Commendation Medal (M).

Stadelman, SP4 Russell - 3/68-3/69. HHC Commo

Starkey, John - NOV67-NOV68. HHC, C & D Co.'s

Stark, PFC Larry - HHC battalion RTO.

Still, SGT Lester 1966 HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt - Plt Sgt from Ocala, FL

Strandgard, MSG David R. - HHC '67. Awarded Bronze Star(Merit).

Stephens, SP4 Larry Eugene - 22FEB68 to 8JAN69. HHC KIA January 8, 1969 (Illness/Disease) from Walker, Alabama.
Stevens, SGT David K - Sep68-Sep69 - HHC Commo, from Jenison, Michigan

Stocking, PFC Pat "Sox" - Nov66 to Nov67. HHC RECON.

Suenishi, SGT Major Yukio - 1967-68. Awarded Silver Star for heroism, Bronze Star (Valor)..

Sunderland, SP6 "Doc" - 1967 HHC medic.

Tamash, SGT James - 1967. HHC 4.2" mortar platoon squad leader and FO for Recon. From Centerville, MA

Tanner, PFC Charles - 1967. HHC, recon platoon. From Bristo, Florida.

Therriault, MSG Ronald G. - 1967. Battalion S-2 Intelligence Sergeant.

Thomas, PSG Lawrence J. - HHC '67. Awarded Bronze Star(Merit).

Thompson Sr., Arnold G. - 20Oct69 to 21Oct70. HHC Commo. [Also see Delta.] MOSs: 11B10, 31B20 Field Communications Electronic Equipment Mechanic, 36K20 Tactical Wire Operations Specialist, 05B Radio Operator.

Toohey, Don "Twoguns" - May70 to Apr71. HHC RECON.

VanNorton, PFC Robert - 1968. HHC RTO assigned from 2/77th Arty to attached to 2/12th.

Vaccaro, Jim - 1967 HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt - from NY

Vick, PFC Gordon - 4/67-3/68

Vick, PFC Jim - 11/70-4/71

Vieau, PFC Paul HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt Gun Squad

Vlcek, SP4 James L - 1968 Commo Plt

Waldrop, PFC Ronald Terry - 22SEP66 to 19MAY67. HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt KIA May 19, 1967 in Binh Duong Province (Dau Tieng AO) at the age of 22. MOS: 11C10 Indiect Fire Infantryman (mortars). Private Waldrop was from Santee, CA

Wallich, SSG Donald K. - 1967. HHC. Awarded Bronze Star (Merit).

Wallis, Dave - 1966-67. HHC. Radar operator. [From Co. B. RTO]

Wassel, Quentin HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt Asst Gunner from Washinton, IL

Weaver, Craig "Charlie" - 1966-67. HHC 4.2" mortar platoon FO with Alpha Co.

Wehler, SP4 - 1968-69. HHC.

Weller, SP4 Dan - 1968. Bn. Motor Pool mechanic. From Muskegon, MI.

Wells, Darrell L. - C Co. & HHC APR70-MAR71

West, SP4 Donald - 1969. Bn S-5 (Civil Affairs). From Culver, Texas.

White, SGT George J. - 1970. HHC.

White, Robert L. - 1966-67. HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt Gun Squad from Sturgeon Lake, MN

Williams, PFC Jim - 2/12th's reporter for Tropic Lightning News in late '69.

Williams, SFC - 1970. Battalion Supply Sergeant in "S-4 shop".

Wood, SP4 Thomas - 1968. Bn. Motor Pool mechanic from Albion, OK

Wronklewicz, SP4 Ted HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt RTO and Gun squad from Chicago, IL

Wynkoop, SGT Gary L. - 1967. HQ Recon (Lt. Bradbury). recoilless rifleman Bronze Star (Valor) awarded.

Yeckel, Jr., Paul N. - 1966-67. HHC 4.2" mortar platoon and driver for Cpt Mayer from Greensburg, PA

Young, SP4 Bob - 1966-67. HHC 4.2" weapons platoon. 4.2" forward observe(FO) - mostly for Co. B. [See Co. B roster.]

Zarlenga, SP4 Thomas A. - 1966-67. HQ RTO for COL Elliot until Battle of Suoi Tre. Trained at Ft. Lewis and shipped over on the Walker with Alpha company

Zurek, SP4 Tom - HHC 4.2 Mortar Plt - 1966-67 from Chicago, IL
HHC E.M. roster (original) April 1968
HHC E.M. roster (original) Oct 1968
HHC E.M. roster (original) Oct 1968
HHC E.M. roster (original) April 1968
HHC Officer listing by date and title
HHC Officer roster (original) Oct 1968
Allen, CPT Paul F. - 1969. HQ. Battalion S-3 (Air). [From D Co. & from Orlando, FL] Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross while with HHC.

Anderson M.D., CPT Larry C. - 1969 Battalion Surgeon. "Doc" Anderson was from Elgin, Illinois.

Aschenbrenner, CPT "Norm" - 1970. Battalion S-3 (Air) from Feb. to Jul. 1970. [From Co. B.]

Bales, 1LT Robert M. - 1967 - Awarded ARCM/V

Bauer, LTC Charles J. - 1968. Bn C.O. (after LT Col. Tice) until mid April 1968.

Beach, 1LT Martin - 1968 Artillery Liaison Officer. [From Co. C.]

Bethea, CPT Edwin - 1968. Bn S-3 / S-4. [Also see Co. D. Served with battalion from 10/67 to 10/68.]

Boyd, CPT Charles - 1969. Battalion S-1 (Adjutant) & S-2 (Intelligence). [from Co. A]

Bradbury, LT William "Bill" - 1966 to March 1967. HHC Recon platoon (1st plt.), platoon leader.

Brienholt, LT Mark - 1969. HHC, Trang Bang Liaison Team. Then to Co. D in Sep69.

Brugger M.D., CPT Thomas E. - 1969 Battalion Surgeon.
[CPT Brugger passed shortly after returning from Vietnam. Rest in Peace, Thomas.]

Campbell, CPT Charles E. - 1969. [HHC job unknown]

Campbell, Chaplain CPT Robert - 1969 Battalion Chaplain at FSB Pershing.

Carrozza, MAJ (?) - 1967. Battalion S-3.

Cato, MAJ Richard - 1970. Battalion Executive Officer (XO). Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Christenson, 1LT Michael D. - 1967-68. D Co. platoon leader; then Bn S-3(Air) Feb68 to ?; then Co. A CO.

Concannon, CPT John - 1966-67. Co. A XO at Fort Lewis; became battalion S-2 (Intelligence) 21SEP67 (+/-) untill after Battle of Soui Tre.

Contos, 1LT Michael - 1971. HHC

Crawford, LT - 1970. Asst. S-4 [replaced Hollowell. from Bravo company]

Crowder, LT - 1968 S-4 Supply officer

Davis, MAJ David H. - 1970. Battalion S-3 (Operations); then became Commanding Officer, 2/12th Inf on Oct.26, 1970 (temporarilly); then BN S-3 at time battalion stood down in March 1971.

Dennis, 2LT - 1966-67. Medical section platoon leader.
["I think he was pre-law and took care of the legal stuff for HHC. He definitely wasn't a medic."- Dunn]

Desormeau, CPT John L. - HHC 1/67 to 6/67. Battalion S-5.

Domaleski, 1LT Edward J. - 1967-68. RECON commanding officer Fall '67. WIA at Loc Ninh Nov. Silver Star awarded. WIA10Feb68. [Also Co. A & C.O. of Co. D.]

Dreisonstok, LTC Thomas F. - Battalion Commander  Oct 68 - Mar 69. West Point class of 1950.

Duggins, CPT James M. - 1968-69. Bn S-4. Als Co. D CO.

Elliot, LTC Joe F. - Commander, 2/12th Inf, [early67] to Jun67. Battalion commander (Bn CO) and wounded in action at the Battle of Suoi Tre (FSB Gold) 21Mar67. Colonel Elliot was awarded the Silver Star for his actions that day, and the battalion was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation. After leaving the battalion he taught at the Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kan..

Farmer, MAJ Douglas H. - HHC '67. Awarded Bronze Star (Valor).

Farris, 1LT "Andy" - 67-68. HHC 27DEC67 to 2FEB68. [Also see Co. A & Co. D.]

Flemming, 1LT - 1969. Battalion S-5 (Civilian Affairs / Psychological Operations) [from Co. D]

Fuller, LTC Marvin D. "Red" - Commander, 2/12th Inf, Sep66 to [early67]. Colonel Fuller trained up the battalion. at Fort Lewis, for deployment to Vietnam. Colonel Fuller was the battalion's first commander in Vietnam. After leaving the 2/12th he became the commanding officer (CO) of the 2d Brigade, 25th Infantry Division and then, in late 1967, Colonel Fuller moved to the II Field Force as the G-3.
Gibson, CPT Ronald - 1971. Headquarters Company Commander at the time the battalion stood down in March 1971

Godwin, M.D., CPT Gene A. - 1967. Battalion medical officer.

Graves, CPT Ronald S. - 1969. HHC. Awarded the Soldiers Medal.

Green, LTC Donald J. - Commander, 2/12th Inf.,  18 Apr 68 - Oct 68

Greer, LTC James F. - Commander, 2/12th Inf, Jun67 to Oct67. Formerly 3rd Bde, 4th Div., XO.

Hallowell,1LT Norm - 1970. Dau Tieng Assistant S-4 (logistics) Deros'd April 70 (WOPA hut - see Sumner).

Hamberlin, MAJ Lawrence M. - 1968. Awarded Bronze Star (Valor).

Harper, LT William T, "Tom" - Apr67 to ?. 4.2" mortar platoon (2nd plt), platoon leader.

Helgerson, CWO Roger - Fall1970.

Hess, Jeff - 1967-68. HHC 4.2" mortars. Spent 7 more months in MP group to'69.

Ho, M.D., "Doc" - 1971 Battalion Surgeon. [Official title: Medical Officer.]

Honacker, CWO2 George - 1970. Battalion S-4 Maintenance Warrant Officer. [Replaced Chief Warrant Officer Watts.]

Hunter, Major Jasper - 1971. Battalion Executive Officer (XO) when the battalion stood down in March 1971 at Camp Frenzell-Jones.

Jachowski, 1LT Timothy "Tim" - 1970 Artillery Liason Officer (from Co. A FO).

Johnson, 1LT Jimmy Donald - 5AUG68 to 27APR69. 1/8th Artillery KIA April 27, 1969 in Hua Nghia Provnce. He was 20. B Battery, 1/8th Field Artillery 'attached' to the 2/12th Inf as the Artillery Liaison for LTC Mann. Killed in an attack on Night Defensive Position (NDP) near the Ho Bo Woods. Lieutenant Johnson was from Ashland, Kentucky and married.

Jones, 1LT Mark J. - 1967-68. Battalion S-4. [from Co. A]

Jones, 1LT Paul - 1971. HHC, 1/77 Ar ty. [From Co. A as Arty FO.]

Joseph, 1LT - 1970. Dau Tieng WOPA hut.

King, CPT Marc - 1971. Battalion S-4 (Logistics) at the time the battalion stood down in March 1971.

Knee, 2LT Stanley - Mar68 to Mar69. HHC commo plt. platoon leader.

Lancaster, 1LT Kenneth L. - 1969. Arty LNO & FO. From Marshall, IL. [See A Co. roster.]

Little, CPT Michael - 1971. Battalion S-2 (Intelligence) at the time the battalion stood down at Camp Frenzell-Jones in March 1971.

Lochner, CPT John - 1970. Battalion S-4 (Logistics) in Cambodia time. Awarded the Soldiers Medal.[See also Co. C C.O..]

MacLean, MAJ D. - 1968. HQ. Battalion Operations Officer.

MacMillan, LT James "Jim" - JUL70 to MAR71. HHC Medical Platoon Leader (Medical Section XO). [Official title: Medical Operations Asst.] The last Medical Platoon leader with the 2/12th.

Mann, LTC John E. - Commander, 2/12th Inf,18Mar69 to 12Aug69. From Seat Pleasant, Maryland. Awarded; Bronze Star (Valor) and Distinguished Flying Cross.

Martin, LTC Robert N. - Commander, 2/12th Inf, 14Aug70 to 25Oct70. Formerly XO 2nd Bde, 25th Div.

May, MAJ Billy W. - 1969. Battalion S-3 (Operations) Awarded Bronze Star (V).

Mayfield, CPT Jeff - 1968. HHC.

Meador, CPT Joel - 1971. Battalion S-1 at the time the battalion stood down in March 1971.

Mc Connell IV, CPT William C. - 20Jan70 to 22Feb70. HHC KIA 22Feb70 in Binh Duong Province at the age of 29. Battalion S-2. 12 years service at time of death. Posthumous promotion to Major. Major McConnell was from Denver, Colorado and was married.

Mc Kinna, 1LT - 1969. Medical Platoon Leader (XO). [Officially: Medical Operations Asst.]

Meader, CPT Joel - 1971 BN S-1(Personnel / Adjutant)

Menning, CPT John J. - 1969-70. HHC. Awarded Bronze Star (Valor).
Mc Kinna, 1LT - Medical platoon leader (Medical Section XO) [Official title: Medical Operations Asst.]

Michel, 1LT William L. - 1967

Miller, LT "Buster" - 1970. HHC CRIP & Battalion S-2 Assistant.

Mohr, LT Chuck - 12/67 to . Co. A, 3rd platoon Platoon Leader 12/67 to 6/68. Briefly Battalion S-4 (Logistics) and evacuated to Japan for non-wound knee problem in July.

More, 1LT Ronald G. "Ron" - Oct66-Apr67. HHC 4.2 Mortar platoon, platoon leader.

Morgan, LT - (late)69. HHC, Trang Bang Liaison Team.

Morrow Jr., CPT Melvin L. "Lee" - (OCT69). HHC Bn S-2, Intelligence Officer (Sept.). From Oxford, Alabama. [See Co. C.]

Najion, LT Edwin - 1970. HHC.

Napper, CPT John E. - Dec66 to Dec67. Captain Napper has the distinction of being the first officer to be assigned to the battalion as a 'replacement officer' - in December 1966. Served as: BN S-3(Air) from Dec66 to Feb67; Commanding Officer of Co. C Feb67 to Jul67; then back to battalion HQ as the Adjutant (S-1) from Jul67 to (unkwn). [Also see Co. C Roster.]

Nelson, LT - 1970. Arty FO.

Newkirk, 1LT Robert L. - Company Commander of HHC. APR67 to SEP67.

Neuman, CPT Mike - 1970. Battalion S-4 (Logistics) [from Co. C in Mar or May '70]

Odom, 1LT Robert N - 1967

O'Keefe, MAJ - 1970. HHC XO.

Owes, LT - 1970

Paris, CPT Howard S. - 1967. Battalion S-3 (Operations) during Battle of Suoi Tre.

Parish, MAJ William N.- 1969. Battalion S-3 (Operations). Silver Star awarded.

Pepper, M.D., CPT F. Jay - 1967 Battalion Surgeon.

Phillips, LTC Sheppard H. "Shep" - Commander, 2/12th Inf, [Dec69 or Jan70] to 13Aug70. Awarded the Distinguesd Flying Cross (DFC). Formerly XO of 1st Bde, 25th Div.

Pickett, CPT Reid - 1971. Battalion S-5 (Civilian Affairs / Psychological Operations) at the time the battalion stood down in March 1971.

Potter, Jr., MAJ Richard W. - 1969-70. Bn XO. [In 1991, Brigadier General Potter commanded Joint Task Force Alpha (JTF Alpha); responsible for alleviating the suffering of the Kurds in SE Turkey during Operation Provide Comfort.

Pruitt, 1LT Jerry D. - 1969. [HHC job unknown]

Quickmire, MAJ Carl R. - 1969. Battalion S-3 (Operations). Worked for Walrath. Awarded Bronze Star (Valor). [? XO also?

Radford, LT William - 1969. Bn S-5 (Civil Affairs).

Rhodes, M.D., CPT H. Paul - late'67 to 68 Battalion Surgeon. From Winchester, Virginia.

Rigby, MAJ Joe W. - Jul 1968 to Jan69. BN S-3 the BDE S-3. WIA & evac'd Jan69. Silver Star awarded.  [Retired, 1996, Major General.]

Salucci, LTC Ralph "Bear" - Commander, 2/12th Inf, [___70] to 14Mar71. The last commanding officer of the battalion in Vietnam. Formerly XO of 1st Bde, 25th Div.

Schott, Jr., LT Earl E. - C Co. then Bn S-3(AIR) in late Nov67 at Dau Tieng.

Smith, M.D., CPT Burke - Battalion Surgeon Oct. 1969-70. From Oak Park, IL.

Smith, CPT Jerry A. - 1967. Battalion S-5 (Civilian Affairs / Psychological Operations). [BN S-5 then became Commanding Officer of HHC at Dau Tieng]

Smith, CPT Jerry W. - 1967.

Starnes, MAJ Don - 1968-69 . 2/12th Executive Officer (XO) for LTC Driesonstok (and briefly for LTC Mann) - ? to May69. Awarded Silver Star, Bronze Star (w/olc), AM, MSM, ACM, PH and basc parachutist badge. [Commissioned 2LT, ROTC, 1958 Sam Houston State College. Vietnam service: May68-May69. 1st Bde Adjutant; then XO 4/23 (M) Inf.; then 25th Div. HQ Inspector General (IG); then XO 2/12th Inf. Returned to RVN in 1970 and served with HQ USARV. Retired Lieutenant Colonel.]

Thompson, CPT - 1968 - Commo Section
HEADQUARTERS, and HEADQUARTERS COMPANY                (updated 7/4/2016- Sarge)
Headquarters, and Headquarters Company Units [platoons and jobs] changed over the many years that the battalion was in Vietnam. [Also see Co. E ROSTER]

HHC Commo Section [HQ RTO's & Wiremen]

4.2" Mortar Section
NOTE: 4.2" mortars was both with Headquarters & Co. E -- check both rosters.

"Four Deuce" or "Ma Deuce," was part of HHC until some time until June/July 1969. From then on, the section was a part of Echo company. See both rosters, and the line companies for the 4.2" forward-observers (FO) and their RTO's, who were enlisted-men.

The 2/12th's Medical Section consisted of the Battalion Surgeon and his medics along with the Battalion Aid Stations; "rear" (Dau Tieng, Cu Chi, etc.) and "forward" (at the firebases).

Medics were carried on the 2/12's HHC roster and are listed seperately under "MEDICS", but they may also be listed with the companies they served with - if known and are definitely shown if they were a KIA.

HHC Support Co. [Supply / Bn. Mess / Motor Pool, Drivers, etc.]
The Combined Reconnaissance and Intelligence Platoon (CRIP) was under the operational control of the Vietnamese "Province Chief" and was a "combined" platoon of Americans and Vietnamese. The Americans of the platoon were carried on the 2/12's HHC roster.

The 2/12th's Reconnaissance platoon (RECON) was formed in 1967 and was under direct authority of LTC Dean R. Tice. I use HQ as HHC in this Roster List. The early Recon used mounted jeeps with .50 cal and 106 recoilless rifles. Latter along the way, Recon became a part of Echo company and walked/aero and tossed the jeeps. See HHC & Co. E ROSTERs for Recon.

[NOTE: All Medics and all Officers were on the HHC Roster in Vietnam and "assigned to" [sent to] the various companies. If I know the company assignment of an officer or medic, I listed their names under their company. Officers, NCO's and enlisted who served with line companies and were then given jobs at battalion HQ are listed with HHC and their companies (if known) - look under the various companies for more biographical information on these men. If you see a name here and know the company, position or job that the individual served within the battalion..... let me know.]

Other individuals "Attached" to the 2/12th Infantry in supporting role;


Artillery Forward Observers (FO), their "recon sergeants," and their radio operators are listed with HHC or the various units they served with.
Artillery Liaison Officers (LNO) - from our supporting Field Artillery batteries (1/8th FA & 2/77th FA] - worked at headquarters with the 2/12th commanding officer.



[Medics were 'assigned' to HHC (Medical Section) 2/12th Inf. and 'attached' and served with the various companies of the Second of the Twelfth Infantry. If I knew the company that the medic served with, I listed their name on that companies roster. If YOU know-let me know.]

Arroyo, SGT Ralph - 1966-67 medic. Was in advance part - went to Nam before boat sailed.

Bailey, Jr., SP4 Alfred Leon - 31DEC67 to 21AUG68. Medic. KIA August 21, 1968 in Gia Dinh Province (Hoc Mon AO) at the age of 21. Assigned company unknown. "Doc" Bailey was from Los Angeles, Cal.

Caldwell, Paul - 1966-67 medic.

Campbell, Bill - 1966-67 medic.

Caulley, SP4 James M. "Marty" "Doc" - Jan68 to Dec68. Senior Medic from Eugene, OR. [Was with Co. A for a short time.]

Cordero, Nelson - 1966-67. Medic.

Cradic, James - 1966-67 medic.

Crutchfield, "Doc" "Crutch" - 1966-67 medic.
[On deployment: "... Crutch stayed behind until after his wife had a baby and then joined us at Dau Tieng." - Dunn]

Dingess, Freeland - 1966-67 medic.

Duncan, SP4 Michael - Nov69-Sep70 Medic D Co.
- later transferred to HHC 222nd Med Battalion Da Nang and attached to 67th Evac Hospital in Quinn Yhon where he served in multiple positions - emergency room, x-ray, prep, assisted in surgery and also bagged and tagged the causalties brought into the hospital.

Durland, Craig - 1966-67 medic.

Dunn, Myron - 1966-67. HHC medical section medic. Served at headquarters aid-station and replaced company medics at various times. Worked med-caps and was medic for HQ ambushes.

Floyd, William "Freddie" - 1966-67 medic from Florida.

France, Steve - 1966-67 medic.

Gonzales, Roberto - 1966-67 medic.

Gudgel, SP5 Gerald - Mar 69 - Nov 70 Medic D and B Co's

Hartman, SGT Doug - 1966-67 medic.

Harvey, SGT Leon - 1966-67 medic.

Hawkins, SP4 Thomas G. "Doc" - 19MAY67 to 6NOV67. Medic. KIA on November 6, 1967 in Binh Long Province (Loc Ninh AO). He was 19. Company assignment unknown. "Doc" Hawkins was from Phoenix, AZ. He was married and had a son - Thomas G. Hawkins III.

Herzog, Kevin - 1966-67 medic.

Manning, SFC Robert F. - 1969. Medical platoon First Sergeant. Awarded the Army Commendation Medal (M).

Martin, James "Marty" - Jan68 to Dec68. HHC Medic attached to ?Co. ?

Minus, PFC Raymond Benjamin - 20SEP67 to 17OCT67. Medic. KIA October 17, 1967 in Binh Long Province (Loc Ninh AO) at the age of 23. Company assigned unknown. "Doc" Minus was from Detroit, Mich., and had gone to college before being drafted.

Morris, Jr., PVT James Thurman - 15JUL67 to 3NOV67. Medic. KIA November 3, 1967 in Binh Long Province (Loc Ninh AO). He was 19. "Doc" Morris was from Wilmington, Del.

Olson, SP5 Clarence - Mar 68 - Jan 69, Medic in 4th Plt. BS/V from Sequim, WA.

Orozco-Zavala, Francisco - 1966-67. 2/12th's first medical clerk.

Payne, Wayne - 1966-67 medic.

Perez, Roberto - 1966-67 medic.

Poole, Dave - 1966-67 medic.

Rardon, SP4 Mike - Aug68-69, from Missouri

Salazar, SP4 Edward - early 1969. MOS: 91B20

Scherer, Edward "Doc" - Dec69 to 1970. HHC medic.

Schmitz, Dennis "Doc" - Feb67 to Feb68. HQ medic.

Sheppard, Dennis R. "Doc" - 1968. [Co. Unkn]

Solomon, SP4 Leavy Carlton - 2SEP68 to 11JAN69. HHC KIA January 11, 1969 in Hua Nghia Province. He was 22. Specialist Solomon was from Palmetto, Georgia. Served with C Co.

Somolka, Joe- 1966-67 medic.

Soule, SP4 Chuck - SEP67-SEP68, served with C Co and attached to 3rd Plt

Stoffles, James - 1966-67 meic.

Thielen, SP4 John Roger - 4Mar69 to 18Mar69. Medic. WIA 9Mar69 in Hua Nghia Province, and Died Of Wounds (DOW) 18Mar69 at the age of 21. Company assignment unknown. Posthumous promotion to sergeant. Sergeant Thielen was from El Monte, California.

Wheatley, PFC. John Albion - 16Feb70 to 26May70. Medic. KIA 26May70 in Cambodia at the age of 20. Company assigned unknown. Posthumous promotion to corporal. Corporal Wheatley was from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

Yazzie, SP4 Lewis F - 12/69-12/70 - Medic with Charlie Co, 1st Plt - from Arizona
Wiggins, 1LT Richard - Jan-Mar 69 S-2, prior, May-Jan 69, served as C.O. For A Co, 2nd Plt leader, C Co

Winder, MAJ Richard C. - 1967